The Board of Directors of VILADESIGN ENGINEERING S.L. defines its Quality Policy as an integral part of the strategic lines of the company and agrees to comply, diffuse and ensure compliance by all the staff.

The defined policies are translated into concrete and measurable objectives specifically treated according to what is described in this manual.

As a way of expressing our commitment to quality, the GIS of VILADESIGN ENGINEERING S.L. is based on the ISO 9001: 2015″Sistemas de Gestión de la Calidad – Requisitos”.To confirm that the requirements of this norm are met, VILADESIGN ENGINEERING S.L. has voluntarily submitted its Quality Management System certification to a schemed accredited certification body.

The Quality Policy of VILADESIGN ENGINEERING S.L. includes all actions that are integrated into the GIS, being defined as follows:


Viladesign Engineering S.L. consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals with an established track record in engineering which applies to the Industrial Process Automation at international level.

Power, talent and creativity are used to provide different technological solutions aimed at reinforcing the image, prestige and leadership of our clients.


  • Positive Attitude. We trust in our abilities and possibilities. We face difficulties with optimism, excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Creativity. We provide different and innovative solutions based on knowledge and effective use of technology. We do our best to anticipate and adapt to the needs of clients. We are receptive to the promotion and development of new ideas. We treat diversity as a source of priceless value.
  • Commitment. We behave responsibly towards society and the environment. We care and promote the talents of each of the professionals so that they can deliver greater value to our clients. We got excellence through quality and high productivity. We cooperate with our environment by working on a common goal for synergies and partnerships whichcreates greater profits.
  • Dynamism. We adapt and work effectively in different environments. We listen actively and respond quickly to market needs.
  • Experience. We continually learn and verify through observation, participation and experiences that we increase knowledge, skills and competencies to provide maximum value to our Clients.


We are committed to our mission, always applying our values in accordance with the needs and expectations of our clients. We are commited to complying with current legal and regulatory requirements, and we continuously try to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.


Pedro Nieto

Quality Director