Engineering and Mechanical Design

Our main area of ​​expertise focuses on the mechanical design of lines and welding tools in all its aspects (resistance, arc, laser), simulation and process development.

Our purpose is to provide added value to our clients’ projects and accompany them throughout all steps. It is very important that our clients feel supported all the time. Therefore, our engineering and after sales service are always at your disposal.

We know that the field we work in is very dynamic and requires great flexibility and quick response to changes that continuously arise. Therefore, VLD Engineering has a great team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, whose main values are based on flexibility and quality of services.

Automotive Services

  • Process planning study
  • Process engineering
  • MTM cycle time
  • Lay-out
  • Jigs and fixtures, grippers , design Clamping concepts
  • Welding plan
  • Welding guns study Ergonomic study
  • Cell Simulation


  • Process planning study
  • Process engineering
  • MTM cycle time
  • Lay-out
  • Jigs and fixtures, grippers, design
  • FEM studies

Automotive Technologies

  • Spot welding
  • ARC welding
  • Powertrain lines (bolt tightening)
  • Assembly lines for electronic devices

Technical Office

  • Simulation
  • 3D / 2D design
  • Technical documentation for manufacturing and assembly
  • Project management
  • Advice and planning
  • Automations
  • Collaborative robotics
  • R & D projects
  • Personal aproach


  • Catia V5
  • Siemens NX
  • Robcad
  • Process Simulate
  • Robotstudio ABB
  • Otros



Audi2017AU-518Unterbau / LängstragerTower
Audi2017AU-516SGR RadhaussKirchhoff
Audi2017AU-516SGR A-Pillar & SchwellerKirchhoff
Audi2017AU-270Cross Car Beam (CCB)Magna
Opel2014G2xxFront FloorKirchhoff
Opel2014G2xxReinforcement ASM-BODY H/PLR (LH/RH)Linde + Wiemann
Opel2013G2xxG1UO-FR2 Framing line Sky Blue project-
Opel2013X82Rear Longitudinal RH/LHGestamp
Ford2016C2Front Cross MemberGestamp
Ford2016C-519Cross Car BeamPWO
Ford2013C3447A, 8F05, 8J subassembliesStadco
Ford2012V4087A subassemblyGestamp
Ford2012V4088F05 subassemblyGestamp
Ford2012V3637L subassemblyGestamp
Ford2012CD4Front SubframeGestamp Tallent
Ford2011C5207A subassemblyGestamp
Ford2011C5207B10 subassemblyGestamp
Ford2011C5207J subassemblyGestamp
Nissan2015H60Front Module & Frame assembly lineEmtisa
Nissan2013B12-LFront MemberGestamp
Nissan2012P32S/TSide MBR FR SUSP RH&LHGestamp
Nissan2012X12-KBatery modul assembly lineGestamp
Seat2012SE-37xRear Floor assembly line 4M / GAS-
Seat2011SE-37xRear Floor assembly line SE-370 / SE-371 / SE-373-
Seat2011SE-37xH structure SE-370 / SE-371 / SE-373-
Seat2011SE-37xLangstrage RH/LH SE-370 / SE-371 / SE-373-
Volkswagen2016VW270SGR Schweller, SGR Seintenteil hintenGestamp
Volkswagen2016VW371SGR Boden hinten hi, SGR Boden hinten Vo-
Volkswagen2016VW371Front / Rear Doors Subassemblies: SGR Trennwand, SGR Verstaerkungsteil, SGR Seintenteil Untel, SGR Saule B C, SGR Schweller hiVW Mexico
Volkswagen2015CrafterSGR Front wheel coverGestamp
Volkswagen2015AmarokSubassemblies: SGR Seat Crossmember, SGR Seat mounting tunnel, SGR Seat mounting Sill, SGR Tunnel Assembly, SGR ObenVW Argentina
Volkswagen2015VW270Subassemblies: SGR Vorderteil, SGR Boden hinten Hinterteil, SGR Quartraeger AUSGrupo Cosmos
Volkswagen2015VW270Cross Car Beem (CCB)Magna
Volkswagen2015SE-270Cross Car Beem (CCB)Magna
Volkswagen2015W416Rear SubframeGestamp
Volkswagen2013-Center floor line AmarokGestamp
Volkswagen2012VW364Hemming fixtures for tailgate-
Volkswagen2010PQ25/PQ35FCE/FCO/RCE/RCO assembly linesBenteler
Peugeot / Citroën2016K9Renfort Arc Pavillon AssSnop
Peugeot / Citroën2016K9Subassemblies: Traverse, Montant de BaieGestamp
Peugeot / Citroën2016K9BumperGestamp
Peugeot / Citroën2016K9Subassemblies: Allonge, Plancher, LongeronnetGestamp
Peugeot / Citroën2015K9Front SubframeBenteler
Peugeot / Citroën2015P8Cross Car Beem (CCB)Gestamp
Peugeot / Citroën2015P1Cross Car Beem (CCB)Gestamp
Peugeot / Citroën2015X74Cross Car Beem (CCB)Gestamp
Peugeot / Citroën2014K0Front SubframeGestamp
Peugeot / Citroën2012T7/B7Rear Axle-
Peugeot / Citroën2011B73rCross Car BeamCie Automotive
Peugeot / Citroën2011T73Cross Car BeamCie Automotive
Renault2011J87Grippers study for line C1 (Ouvrants)-
Renault2009X62Bodyside TO-
Renault2008X95Bodyside inner BK95-
Renault Trucks2009P2683Roof assembly line-
Dacia2012X07Front Subframe-
Volvo2013SPAFront SubframeGestamp Tallent
Volvo2009-Floor assembly line for heavy truck-
Jaguar / Land Rover2013X760Rear SubframeGestamp Tallent
Fiat2013-Puntone Anteriore Assembly line Dx / Sx Fiat 334 – Jeep 520Tower
Chery2012-FCE/FCO/RCE/RCO assembly linesBenteler
BMW2016F48Front / Rear doorsNedCar
BMW2016G2YCross Car BeamPWO
BMW2012UKLRear SubframeGestamp Tallent
BMW2012UKLFront SubframeGestamp Tallent
BMW2012M3 F80/82SubframeBenteler
Honda2012-FCE/FCO/RCE/RCO assembly linesBenteler
Mercedes-Benz2016MFA2Front RailGestamp
Mercedes-Benz2016MFA2Cross Car BeamPWO
Mercedes-Benz2016BR177Cross Car BeamPWO
Mercedes-Benz2011VS20Front SubframeBenteler
Airbus2014A-350 XWBKeel Beam program-
Airbus-A-350Rudder and elevator program-